Spider veins Treatment – A Guide

Spider veins have become one among the common issues in today’s time. Spider veins are nothing but small and thin blood vessels which are close to skin surface. Because of some reasons these get dilated and later appear as purple, red, and sometimes blue web- like collection of the blood vessels.

In some cases, along with all these symptoms spider veins are accompanied by some other symptoms as well.  Some people may experience burning or itching in that area. For majority of the patients, more than anything, spider veins are mostly a concern of cosmetics.

There are many factors which may enhance the risks of the spider veins. Usually the spider veins are the result of building up of blood in the small veins. But there are many factors which may enhance the risks of development of spider veins. They are

  • Age
  • Sun exposure
  • Prolonged standing
  • Hormonal changes
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Family history

When the dilated veins are found, one must take immediate action about this. This is because these can be the indication for varicose veins or it may be reflecting venous reflux disease. Today people need not worry since there are many treatments available for removal of spider veins. This is also termed as weblike networks or red lines. So, there is solution available for these blood vessels which usually appear on feet and legs.

One must understand that these spider veins are mostly harmless. But in some cases they may cause pain, burning, and aching. These issues will starts when people stand for longer duration. So, if a person is concerned about these spider veins there are many treatments methods. Two of them are

  • Sclerotherapy
  • Laser surgery


In this method of treatment, doctor will inject a solution into veins which closes or scars them. This will result in blood circulation into healthier veins. Just in few weeks, appeared veins will start fading. But the injection may need to be done for more than once for a particular vein. But if done properly, this is really effective method of treatment for spider veins. One best thing about this type of treatment is that for performing this, there is no need of anesthesia. This can be easily performed in the medical professional’s clinic itself. There are some effects of this treatment method. They are itching, swelling, and changes in the skin color where the treatment is done.

Laser surgery:

In case of laser surgery, strong bursts of light are sent to the vein. This will result in slow fading of veins and they will start disappearing. This method does not involve any needles or incisions. But one must understand that compared to Sclerotherapy this method is considered less effective.

When it comes to larger veins, sclerotherapy is more effective than laser surgery. There are some side effects of this method of treatment. Some of them are itching, redness, and bruising. In some cases, patients may also experience swelling as well as skin tome changes which remain permanent. Once the treatment is done, it may take many months for blood vessels to get fade. Even after that one cannot expect that they will disappear completely. There are chances that new veins may start develop in the area where the treatment is done.