Preventing Hair Loss with Chinese Medicine

Generally, Chinese Medicine is represented as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This is an umbrella term for several medicinal practices among the Chinese.The alternative approach for contemporary treatment is traditional Chinese medicine ranging from herbal supplementation to physical manipulation to dietary therapy. Over the years, TCM has proven to be effective to treat hair loss problems. Thus, this article will seek to address how TCM can help with hair loss.

Firstly, note that hair growth is related to your body’s blood health and circulation. On the other hand, there are other conditions that might lead to major hair loss that can be due to the person’s current conditional situation; for instance, if one is suffering from long term illness or is undergoing chemotherapy, then TCM might not be the solution. However, if one does not fall under that group, then one can consider using TCM as a way of treating one’s hair loss problem.

Here are some basic principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine herbal solutions:

Chinese Herbs


Fo-Ti is referred to as a He Shou Wu, which is the top eastern hair loss. This herb has a medicinal property that is essential to the human blood and kidney. It helps to enhance the hair growth and also its restorative property will help to restore the sheen and color of the hair.

  1. Nu Shen Zi

Especially, this herb is the best treatment for treating bald patches as well as to help to stimulate hair growth. The Nu Shen Zi herb helps to remove the toxin from the human body and nourish the immune system as well as to purify the blood and increases the blood circulation to the scalp.

  1. Golu Kola

Golu Kola can be used for treating hair loss, lowering the blood pressure and enhancing blood circulation. This type of herbs also offers relief from stress, anxiety, insomnia and can help improve memory power, and in turn promoting hair regrowth too. 

  1. Wu Wei Zin

This herb is often referred to as the five flavored berries which can be used for improving the hair growth as well as to make your hair soft and silky. This herb also help to improve the skin quality on the scalp and blood circulation in microvessels.

Acupuncture Treatment for hair loss

Acupuncture treatment is effective to some and it is another unconventional hair loss treatment that can bring a quick reversal in hair loss. The main object of acupuncture is to correct the disharmonies and imbalances that make changes in the hair quantity and color. Using the acupuncture technique, the treatment is a long-term process which stimulates the hair follicles and it encourages hair growth.One can consider these herbal treatments or we encourage those who are interested to do your research on the various Chinese medicine hair loss treatments that are out there in the market.