Important things to Avoid and to Do when pregnant

There are so many things that you need to follow and avoid during pregnancy. This will help you improve your and your baby’s health and ensure that you have a safe delivery. There are many risks and complications that you might want to avoid making sure that problem of pregnancy termination get avoided in the best possible manner. Suppose, your body needs folic acid, then, supplement of the same should be taken on a regular basis. But there are some important things that you might not be even aware about such as avoiding cats during pregnancy is advised. Take a look at some important things to do and avoid during pregnancy.

Things that you must do:

One of the finest and safest way to avoid any kind of complication and problem involved is by making sure that all the regular medical exams are performed on a regular basis. While providing pregnancy information, your doctor will certainly tell you the test that needs to be performed.

You must also get the recommended daily allowance of folic acid which is extremely important. As per the current status, it is advised that women need to have at least 0.4 mg of folic acid on a regular basis to stay fit and healthy. This eventually reduces the spinal bifida risk that mostly will occur to baby.

German muscles also called as Rubella if caught during pregnancy can cause many complications. This can also lead to foetal deformities and miscarriages. The best possible way to avoid such problem is get vaccinated for such problem before you get pregnant.

Things that must be avoided:

Smoking is always bad for health in any manner and if you are pregnant, then, it should be a big no for such harmful thing. Even passive smoking is injurious and a risk for pregnant women as it can affect the foetus.

Do not drink alcohol as it not only affects liver but also the growth of the child. Apart from this, the intake of illegal drugs, caffeine, and even getting in contact with reptiles needs to be avoided as much as possible. While seeking information on pregnancy, you will get such many details but what matters the most is how much you follow out of it.

Apart from this, of course, your health care expert will give all the information about pregnant lady in a detailed manner. But your job is to make sure that you follow each of them without any problem. It is always good to understand that things like X-rays and electric blankets are harmful to foetus and there are more such facts that will help you stay aware about it.

Ideally you should have a balanced diet during the course of pregnancy so that the essential minerals along with nutrients is supplied to both the baby along with the mother. But there are some foods, which you need to avoid during this stage. Uncooked meat should be avoided because there is a risk of contamination with bacteria. Fishes which have a high level of mercury content also need to be avoided as they tend to cause more harm than good to the mothers. As a substitute, you can focus on dairy products as the extra amount of calcium or protein is being provided to the growing foetus.