How to Use Diet in Your Advantage and Be More Confident

Confidence and self-esteem is not a cup of tea for everyone. It takes a lot of effort for some people to gain this.

Sometimes people cannot achieve it even in a lifetime. Our self-esteem is affected by of various reasons like abuse in childhood or the media presentation of success and beauty. Confidence is connected with our overall health in many aspects. It takes a toll on our food habit as well but do you know we can use same foods to enhance our confidence? Of no, here is some diet that will help and boost your confidence.

What causes the lower self-confidence?

Many things in society can cause lower self-confidence. You may not have the society standard body figure, pearl-like teeth or sharp features of the face. These all can be overlooked if you are confident even without those.

But at first, decide what exactly is causing your lower self-confidence and then eat accordingly. Then you will be able to develop confidence in you. Now, let’s know some handy ways to utilize various everyday foods in your advantage.

Strawberries for whiter teeth:

If your yellow teeth make you uncomfortable to talk to people then try to add strawberries in your diet. Strawberry has malic acid in it. The acid can break down the bacteria which is causing your teeth to be white. Your enamel will be stronger if you eat it as well. A do-it-yourself whitening kit by strawberry and baking soda can make your teeth whiter and be the no ultimate food confidence enhancer.

Cucumber for crystal clear skin:

The way our skin looks lower our self-esteem to another level. Girls are expected to have perfect skin without breakouts and all. If you are someone who cannot deal with such stigmatisation, then have cucumber. Cucumber has anti-inflammatory agents that will calm down your acne. You can eat this fresh or apply directly on the skin to sooth the acne. The high water content is also going to maintain the hydration level in your skin.

Bananas for bloated people:

Bloating really lowers our confidence. We all feel that people are staring at us for this. Banana is rich in potassium and sodium. It reduces the bloated belly to a great extent. Banana also contains a high amount of soluble fibre that improves digestion system. That can boost your food confidence to the next level.

Nuts for stronger nails:

If you have brittle nails that you never be able to grow, then it is a real struggle. The reason might be that you lack some nutrition that helps to nails. In that case, you may take help from mixed nuts. Take different kinds of nuts and mix with honey. It will become a fantastic treat and make your nails stronger and better to look.

Salmon and other fishes for healthy hair:

Omega three fatty acid is available in fishes. Eating fishes regularly will ensure the nutrition and make your hair shiny and stronger. People who maintain a balanced diet with omega three are likely to get less depressed, as shown in some studies. Fish contains good fat that does very good things to your body and hairs.

Mood-boosting nutrition:

Foods that are rich in vitamin D as eggs, yogurt, and fortified cereals increase serotonin in our brain. Spinach, broccoli, meat, and dairy products are rich in vitamin B. It has also worked with people with depression.

Foods that you should avoid:

Biting in your favorite chocolate cake after a meltdown always feels the best. But this does nothing but harm to your health. It affects your blood sugar or makes you fat. It is another thing to cry on. Also avoid drinks, caffeine, smoking, and alcohol for the better.


Good and healthy foods make us feel good about ourselves. It improves our health, as well as our doubts, get cleared. You will not feel anxious and irritated but instead energised and inspired all the day by using those foods to boost your confidence.