Different Bread Preparations That Are Perfect For Main Course

There are various bread preparations that make a perfect main course if accompaniments are made which taste best with them. There are many bread preparation prepared all around India which is easy to prepare and have lots of carbohydrate in them perfect for any main course dish.

These preparations of bread work best with meat dishes or other gravy vegetarian dishes that can add flavours to it. The preparations with gravy are easy to prepare and also make bread dishes easy to eat. Those dishes have great flavours of spices in them making it easy to get the perfect combination along with great preparations. The different preparation of bread is really simple.

Laccha Paratha

This is a great bread dish prepared out of wheat flour making a perfect main course dish. It has a crunchy taste because of the fried portions that people love. It is mostly prepared for several rolls and other Mughlai dishes. There are several preparations made of meat which work best with this dish. Laccha paratha is easy to prepare and has great taste because of the way of preparation. One should definitely try this as a main dish.

Tandoori Roti

Among most common dishes prepared with the help of wheat, one of the well prepared thick bread dishes is tandoori roti. It has an essence of Mughlai cuisine. It is a great main dish to work with other accompaniments like Shahi paneer or Dal Makhani. There are lots of dishes that taste well with tandoori roti and the great essence of burn procedure used to prepare it can only be done with all the things in the recipe perfectly followed.

Rumali Roti

For the people who love to get a bread preparation that is too soft and easy to eat, they should definitely go for preparing rumali roti. The great preparation is really simple to get and only takes a little effort for preparation. One can easily incorporate this into their daily dinner plans because this is best for all people including children and old people.

Butter Naan

There is a great thing for a lunch or dinner. If a person is looking forward to dining like the north Indian ways, they should try preparing Butter naan for their gravy dishes. Butter naan is now favoured on many occasions because of the presence of both carbohydrate and fat in them which can be beneficial to people. Presence of butter just adds to the taste of every accompaniment people eat with them.


It is a similar dish to naan that originated in Punjab and people love to have it because it keeps the stomach filled for long. There are great nutritional benefits for which people prefer to have those with them. It is also less time-taking to prepare.

All these bread dishes are equally useful because they have great taste when accompanied by delicious dishes and all are nutritious as well. It is basically easy to have these dishes on the platter because they follow a simple procedure for preparation.