Christian’s Bale Diet | Christian Bale weight Loss Machinist Diet

The actor Christian Bale used this diet to lose 63 pounds in four months. The diet consists of one can of tuna and/or one apple per day.

In The Machinist (2004), Christian Bale plays the role of Trevor Reznik, a machinist with severe insomnia. The lack of sleep leads to severe weight loss, so Trevor Reznik becomes extremely thin. To be fit for Trevor Reznik character, Christian Bale needed to look drastically thin, so he had to lose a lot of weight, from 173 pounds to 110 pounds.

To lose these 63 pounds, the actor followed a draconic diet: for almost four months he ate only one can of tuna fish and/or one apple per day.

Christian’s Bale Diet

Christian’s Bale Diet

This type of diet is a very low calorie diet, ensuring only 50-260 calories/day. There are 194 calories in one can (6.5 ounce) of tuna in water (drained) and one medium size apple (about 150 g) has 80 calories. The “menu” was completed with black coffee and water.

Besides the extremely low calorie intake, the foods chosen for this diet are, by themselves, metabolism boosters. Due to the caffeine content, coffee increases the metabolism. The apples are high in sugar and pectin (a soluble fiber) which dampens down the appetite.

To lose weight faster, Christian Bale exercised hard. The star’s exercise regime included intensive cardio workouts and intensive resistance/weight training workouts.

To protect his health, the actor took each day vitamin supplements.

If you are interested in following the Tuna and Apple Diet, remember that the very low calorie diets are recommended only for extremely overweight (obese people), under medical supervision, and for a limited period of time (up to 12 weeks). Also keep in mind that most people who want to lose weight do not need to eat a very low calorie diet. The doctor should be the one to decide if such a diet is appropriate for you. On general basis, a very low calorie diet is not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women, for children and teenagers and for adults over 50 years old.
Cutting calories significantly can cause serious health problems such as gallstones, heart problems, anemia, fatigue, constipation or diarrhea, and nausea.

To stay healthy, people need to eat various foods from different food groups. During a very low calorie diet, when your daily calorie intake is as little as 250-800 calorie, it is quite difficult to get good nutrition. It is obvious that if you eat only tuna and apples for 12 weeks, your body will lack a lot of nutrients and this thing will be soon reflected by your state of health. So, for getting proper nutrition and also to reduce weight, you can try Daily Cyclical Ketogenic Diet – with Meal Plan By My Nutrition Advisior which will balance your diet nutrition and weight