An overview about the ancient science of Ayurveda

Ayurveda adopts a holistic approach of healing and treatment modules. It is an ancient form of medicine existent around 5000 years ago and has promised timely results. In India it emerged around 3000 years back. This works on the principle that wellness along with your health depends upon the healthy balance of your mind and body. Though the main aim of the treatment is to remove the disease and not fight against it. Treatment could be geared towards specific health conditions for example badam roghan almond oil is used in the treatment of certain disorders. In countries like USA it is rated to be an alternate form of medicine.

Ayurveda experts believe that each and everything in a universe dead or alive is connected. If the mind and body is in harmony with the universe you are in best health. The moment something strikes chord with your balance the health goes for a toss. The things that can have an impact on the balance are genetic or birth defects, age, climatic changes and even your emotions.

Each one of us inherits a combination of three doshas. Each one of them works out to be stronger than the other. Each of them goes on to control a different body function. An assumption is you falling sick depend upon the balance of these doshas.

Vata Dosha

The Ayurveda experts are of the opinion that this seems to be the most powerful among all the three doshas. A basic set of functions are controlled on how the cells divide. It is also known to control your heart function, blood flow and how waste can be eradicated from your body with the help of these intestines. Things which go on to have an impact are staying late awake from bed and in the grip of fear and tension. If this dosha seems to be main force of life possibility of heart conditions, and skin problems arise.

Pitta dosha

This energy controls your metabolism and digestion levels. This one again would depend upon your diet along with certain higher levels of hormones. Spending too much time in the sun and consumption of spicy foods could alter the balance. Relief can be expected by the use of Ayurvedic roghan oil for all. If this is the main life source you might be suffering from heart conditions and even blood pressure.

Kapha dosha

This is a life force that controls your weight, immune system, body functions and stability. This can be disturbed once you eat a lot of spicy foods during the day, sleeping a lot during the day. Even you need to restrict yourself from consuming foods with too much water or salt.

If any disruption occurs in this dosha you can end up suffering from asthma, cancer or even nausea after eating.

To conclude an Ayurveda expert would design a specific treatment plan based on your specific conditions. They are going to give importance to your emotional and physical wellbeing. The aim is to achieve a balance between the three elements.